Taking Care of Teak

Teakwood is one of the world's most valuable timbers. It is recognized for its durability and stability under the most severe climatic conditions. These qualities, along with traditional mortise and tenon construction guarantee your teakwood furniture's long life, even when left permanently outdoors. Teakwood has endured for centuries as the timber of choice in marine applications and shipbuilding. No other timber can claim to possess the qualities of genuine teakwood. Your teakwood furniture will naturally weather to a silver-grey patina after about 6 months of exposure to the elements. This weathering process occurs only on the surface and does not harm the teakwood in any way. Your teakwood furniture should be cleaned periodically to keep it looking its best.

What You'll Need
  • 1/2 cup of laundry detergent
  • 1/4 cup of bleach
  • Warm water
  • Medium-soft nylon bristle brush

First soak the furniture with water before scrubbing. Be sure to thoroughly rinse the furniture when you are done.

Maintaining Original Colour

Should you decide to restore your teak garden furniture to its original colour, you can do so with either the application of a teak cleaning liquid and a scrub brush or by sanding with a medium-fine grit sandpaper. Teakwood can also be treated to prevent the natural weathering process with the application of an outdoor specific oil. We do not recommend the application of teak oil to your furniture as it will promote the growth of mildew on your furniture.

Our Furniture Recommendation
Leave your Muskoka Teak furniture outdoors, year round, in any climate without covering or applications to the wood – your furniture will be around for many years to enjoy without having to maintain it.